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ellerslie flower show

RhodoDirect were pleased to support the Ellerslie Flower Show for the years that it ran in Christchurch.  We had 3 years of contributing to the Flower Show and ended on a high note with a silver award.  We are very sad to see the show collapse after the earthquake, and hope that once our city is rebuilt we might be able to host another event. 
Silver Medal AwardellerslieEllerslie Flower Show 2013

For more information about past Ellerslie Flower Shows please select from the following links

Ellerslie 2013 - RhodoDirect co created the Canterbury Rhododendron Society Exhibit
Ellerslie 2012 - the year of the earth quake there was no Ellerslie Flower Show this year
Ellerslie 2011 - RhodoDirect supported the Canterbury Rhododendron Society Exhibit
Ellerslie 2010 - RhodoDirect supplied rhodos for the award winning garden by Scotty Fletcher