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Ellerslie Flower Show 2013

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Silver Medal AwardellerslieEllerslie 2013

Ellerslie 2013 was the biggest involvement that RhodoDirect has ever had at Ellerslie to date.  Marina Shearer (co owner of RhodoDirect) and Jeff Elliott (co owner of Elliotts wholesale nursery) teemed up to support the Canterbury Rhododendron Society.

During 2012 Marina, and husband Craig and Jeff and wife Caroline, met regularly to plan and to brainstorm a re creation of the Ilam Homestead garden.  This was because 2013 marked the 100 year anniversary of the garden's history in Canterbury.  The garden featured information on Edgar Stead the man who originally created the garden and homestead and told the story of the beginnings of rhododendrons in Canterbury.

Marina and Jeff were delighted with their silver award, and the reaction from the public to the garden.

Ellerslie is definitely a lot of work, not only the dreaming up of what to do, but the organisation, creation, daily attendance to represent the garden and the pack up at the end. 

It is definitely a pleasure to be a part of something so beautiful in NZ.