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mission, vision and values

RhodoDirect's Mission Statement

To provide the Finest Rhododendrons from around the world.  To offer excellent information on Rhododendrons and top quality customer service to everyone.

RhodoDirect's Vision

  • To bring colour and joy to New Zealand homes and gardens.
  • To inspire New Zealander's to enjoy rhododendrons.
  • To inspire children to enjoy gardening.
  • To provide a rewarding and satisfying experience for our customers.
  • To provide excellent customer service and helpful information to our customers.
  • To provide a large range of choices for customers.

RhodoDirect's Values

  • We value life.  Our aim is to enrich the life of New Zealander's through the pleasure of rhododendrons.
  • We value integrity.  Our aim is to provide honest, helpful, reliable information to our customers.
  • We value people.  Our aim is to build long and strong relationships with our customers.