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Marina Shearer

Marina is most likely the person who will answer the phone when you call, and your emails when you write.

With over 20 years in customer service, Marina is very passionate about serving people.

Marina left the North Island at 17 to study at Canterbury University.  After completing a degree in pscyhology she went to work for CLEAR Communication as a trainer in all things telephone.  From there she went on to work for the NZ Institute of Management as a corporate trainer.  In the midst of her working life she met and married farmer Craig Shearer and moved to Spring Farm.

Marina suggested the move to specialising in Rhododendrons and has been the passionate creator of all RhodoDirect's websites.  Marina continues to run seminars in customer service. 

While agreeing with Craig that there would be no gardens in their marriage, Marina was bitten with gardening on the same visit to Woodchester Rhododendron Garden, made in the first year of their marriage.

While it was Craig that did the hard work of planting, and continues to do the hard work of watering, fertilising, pruning etc it was Marina who chose the colours and planned the layouts of the gardens.  "We didn't trust ourselves in the beginning" says Marina "we had two landscapers come in and create plans, but in the end, we gave up on the plans and just did our own thing, but it did take a few years for us to gain confidence in the fact that we actually knew what to do."


Marina is the Customer Services face of RhodoDirect and will be delighted to meet and help everyone who contacts them.