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Free freight 2016

We advertise all free freight offers on Facebook, if you wish to know about when we are offering free freight, please LIKE us on facebook so that you can receive the offers. 

Free rhodo consultation

Save $$$ by getting the best online advice.  When you contact RhodoDirect you will speak with Marina Shearer the owner of the business and a Rhododendron Expert.  Call now for immediate phone help or email us and we will reply within 48 hours ph 0800 315 6555

Free packaging

RhodoDirect provide all their packaging for free.  We collect recycled boxes from businesses around Canterbury and package every box for free.  There will be no fancy signage on your delivery box but there will also be no extra charge for cardboard.  All you pay for are the plants and the courier.

Check out our topical rhododendron newsletter, focusing on all aspects of rhododendrons.  Contains RhodoDirect specials and tips on looking after your rhododendrons.

Rhododendron catalogue
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