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FREIGHT NOTICES - please read this important message

Customers please note that the freight matrix on this website has been worked out based on an average size of plant.  If you order a rhododendron that is deemed oversized and will not fit into the average size box - we will contact you to discuss freight for this plant, you can then decide whether to continue with the order based on any extra freight costs.  If there is a significant extra cost to your order over and above what the website has charged, we will contact you.

Rural Delivery

If you would like to use Rural Delivery there is an additional cost of $7.00 per box.  Please note that Takaka is classified as RURAL.  Please also note that most RhodoDirect boxes will not fit into a car, therefore your rural carrier will need to drive a mini van to drop off our boxes.  Also, some Rural carriers refuse to carrier our boxes and leave them at the Toll Transport depot and regrettably your R.D. fee is not refunded.  Therefore we ask customers to think carefully before asking for Rural Delivery.  The website does not calculate rural delivery fees, these need to be added later.  We will contact you to discuss this.

Do you need Acid Fertiliser with your order?

Rhododendrons require an acid fertiliser, they do not respond well to animal manure and many other home-made fertiliser creations.  If you do not have any fertiliser - you can add some to your cart now.  Click Here to add fertiliser to your order

International Orders

RhodoDirect does not ship overseas.

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