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Patio Plus Potting Mix 35L

Patio Plus potting mix, is a blend of some of the finest quality ingredients available in New Zealand.   It is manufactured by South-Hort, using their own special blend of superior quality composted pine bark, premimum Southland peat and washed North Island pumice.  It contains a wetting agent to imptove wettability and a comprehensive blend of slow release, quick start fertilisers and Osmocote controlled release fertilisers for extended nutrient supply.  Water holding crystals are incorporated to assist water supply during extended hot or dry periods. This mix has been formulated to provide an excellent growing media for a broad spectrum of plants particularly those to be grown in larger pots, tubs and barrels.
Patio Plus potting mix contains Osmocote fertiliser to supply nutrients to the plant over a nine month period, 


  • Supplies consistent growing media for plants
  • Provides essential fertilisers and trace elements to maintain plant growth and health
  • Provides wetting agents
  • Commercial grade mix use throughout the nursery industry



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