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Sir Charles Lemon


This rhododendron is a must for every rhododendron fan.  It has a huge bouquet of white flowers in September when very little else is flowering.  The underside of the leaf has the distinctive cinnamon looking brown indumentum that gives the leaf an extra protection against thrips and a lovely rich look.

This rhododendron will do better under the protection of a canopy tree and will get to be 2m within 10 years in ideal growing conditions.

"Sir Charles Lemon inherited the Carclew Estate, Cornwall in 1824. The impressive house burnt down in 1934.  During WWII the one mile long driveway was cleared of trees by Mr Gill the local nurseryman using a NZ Tree Puller.  (GO NZ!!!) This was to help the war effort and enable vegetable production. " content from Millias Nursery UK

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